Privacy Policy

For all non-users or logged out users we never ever store any personal data!

We do not save any personal information about you when you are clicking on a StyleLiker tracking link, we are not able to match anything to you as a person. We never know who is clicking on our links! Our advertisers have the right to see on what website or app you have clicked on a link to their website, this only applies if you have performed an action (register or purchase) on their website.

When you click on any link from we will put a small harmless cookie in your browser to track if you are performing any action on the advertisers website you clicked into, this way you are helping your favourite influencers to make money and continue to create awesome content for you!

We also work with third party networks who also track your clicks and actions. You can read more about how they store your information at: Hasoffers.

We use different kinds of tracking techniques (cookies, cookieless tracking and cross device) and we never ever save any personal data about you as a visitor (except if you are logged in as a user at StyleLiker).

We use Google Analytics to measure traffic, read more at Google Analytics.